Good News!

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The labs came back on our latest shipment and everything tested within the standard limits and negative for the big things like ecoli & Salmonella! We are making the stock available now and will email previous customers tomorrow (Having issues … Read More

New Shipment Update

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We have received a new shipment and have sent it out for lab testing, so kilos should be available on the site within 7-10 days. 5/18/18 UPDATE:The lab has given us an ETA of early next week of when the … Read More

May Update

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We are not shutting down. Thank you for the thoughts from all of our kind customers. We have secured a small shipment of kilos in transit for you, so we will have kilos available during the first part of the … Read More

Restock Delayed Again.

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We are going to have to delay our restock as we have received over a metric ton of inferior quality products that we have no plans to ever sell. Due to this, the restock is delayed again. I am unsure … Read More

What we are working on in 2018

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Currently we are working on: 1)Lab testing and packaging our current restock of batch 17 varieties 2) building a fully CGMP facility in order to package Kratom and other botanicals in a facility with standards that are currently higher than … Read More

Recent Downtime

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Dear Customers, This past weekend, we were performing some server maintainence and discovered that our web host had adjusted tweaked our server software settings without our permission which had caused our site to glitch from time to time. After discovering … Read More

Welcome to Herbaldom!

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Hi. Welcome to Herbaldom! My name is Andrew and I started Herbaldom after working for another herbal vendor that has since shut down. I am in IT by trade and had a vision to start an herbal eCommerce website that … Read More