Upcoming Restock

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We will be restocking this upcoming weekend! All products are currently undergoing QC and should be available by the end of the weekend. (We put our products through QC to weed out any products that may be inferior or significantly … Read More

QC #6

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Hello everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates, but Herbaldom.com has been growing steadily lately and requiring a massive amount of work to make sure that every order is shipped on time and that every customer service concern is answered. … Read More

Now Accepting Dwolla

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Herbaldom.com now accepts Dwolla! Customers can pay for their orders using their Dwolla account. Customers should also be able to pay for their orders using just their bank account, using the guest checkout option on Dwolla. Here is a little … Read More

Direct CC Payments Down - Please use AMZ Pay to Checkout w/ CC - We are Operating at Capacity - Please be patient Dismiss