No Saturday Shipping 8/31

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I (Andrew) do all Saturday shipping by myself and unfortunately I will not be bale to come in Saturday before the USPS cutoff and have no one else willing to come in on a holiday weekend to ship packs out, … Read More


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All of our restock shipments have been held by customs this last week, barring the ones from our Kapuas supplier that we will have labs on by the week of the 19th. We will also have additional deliveries starting Monday … Read More

Discounted Quarter Kilos

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It’s Sale time! We now have $20 quarter kilos( Red, Green, & White Indo only) available on our site of some discounted varieties.Red Indo- ($20 for 250 Grams)Green Indo-$20 for 250 Grams)White Indo-$20 for 250 Grams) These aren’t the Bees Knees, but you … Read More

We are Closed April 17-20th

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Dear Customers. Sorry, for the inconvenience, but we are closed April 17-20th and all payment functionality will be disabled on the site and you will not be able to checkout to fulfill an order until we reopen on the 21st. … Read More

No Saturday Shipping Until Summer

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Unfortunately, there will no longer be Saturday shipping going forward. I have every intention of restarting Saturday shipping in the future, but have a commitment every Saturday for the next 4 months that will not allow me to ship on … Read More

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