Did you order during the week of May 15th and your tracking hasn’t updated yet?

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Dear Customer,

I’m sorry to hear that your package has not yet been delivered. We have had an issue during the week of the 15th of USPS not scanning in packages or scanning them late (We are working to resolve this and hope to move to a scheduled pickup.

Your package was dropped off shortly after the label was created. For some reason, USPS is not scanning in a lot of the packages we droppped off during this week, which is why we are switching to a scheduled USPS pickup.

If your package has not been scanned in anywhere by the end of Monday, we will send you out (another shipment to the same address) at that time and schedule USPS to pick it up so that we can guarantee that they scan it in. Just contact us with your order number We’re really sorry about this. We will also be offering 5( 20-27G samples) of any strain a customer wants to customers who had an issue the previous week with shipping or slow service or both as customer service was delayed last week with Andrew recovering from a medical issue. We’re really sorry your package has not yet arrived, hopefully it gets scanned in close to you soon!