Herbaldom Summer Vacation Closure August 12-13th

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Herbaldom will be closed between Friday August 12 to Saturday August 13th. Shipping will resume on Monday morning as usual. During this time, the website will be updated (The design will stay the same, it is mostly just behind the scene updates), so it may be down for a few hours and credit card payments will not be available from Friday August 12th at 9AM until Saturday afternoon while I push some updates to the server and make some DNS changes.

This will be the second non-federal holiday I take this year (Friday (only weekend holidays for me (Andrew))) and I’ll be staying in the Monterrey area and be on the beach most of the day (at least that is the hope). I will be able to answer emails sporadically if anyone has any questions, but won’t fully be back in work mode until Monday.

I’ve been looking forward to visiting here all Summer and spending some quality time with my family. Here is where I’ll be going if anyone is curious:

When we get back Monday, I will have 2 people working with me so we will be able to introduce samplers back and host of other goodies. Thank you for your support and I hope everyone is having a great Summer.