Recent Downtime

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Dear Customers,

This past weekend, we were performing some server maintainence and discovered that our web host had adjusted tweaked our server software settings without our permission which had caused our site to glitch from time to time. After discovering this, we initiated an emergency server relocation to a different hosting environment. This relocation was filled with issues. The first issue is the time it took for the DNS to propogate, which was well-over 48 hours. Previously we’ve transfered sites to new hosting environemnts and the DNS has propogated in under 24 hours. Our second issue was that somehow the ordering functionality of the website was switched on during the process of transfering servers. This has caused us to manually recreate orders in the system that were paid for during the server transfer, eating up valuable time.The last issue is that we had been having issues with IPV6 on our new server that were not fixed until this afternoon. Because of the issues we were having with IPv6 no orders have shipped today and we have to keep the site closed until we are done manually entering every order placed while we were transfering servers. We are also unable to respond individually to the 200+ emails that were sent to us during the website transfer, although we will be messaging every customer who emailed with an explanation of what happened during the server transfer and for them to email us if they have an issue that was larger than asking why our website wasn’t working. Sorry for any inconveniencethis has caused to anyone.