Update on Labs for Most Recent Batch

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We have 2 reds (Dark Red Borneo & Red Borneo) that have passed labs, but we need more feedback on them before we release them for sale. Our Green Bali passed labs a week ago and is now on the site. We are still waiting on labs for Green, Red, & White Hulu Kapuas as well as Green Maeng Da/Green Horn, Red Bali, and White Borneo. Once we get all the labs in next week, we will send them out for feedback and start packaging them and be fully restocked the first half of August. If you did not know, COVID has slowed everything down, from importing, to testing, and we’ve had an employee who left because they wanted to stay home. This is not unique to us, the whole kratom industry has shipments backed up in Indonesia. We will do our best to power through and put products with clean labs on the site as soon as possible.