What we are working on in 2018

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Currently we are working on: 1)Lab testing and packaging our current restock of batch 17 varieties 2) building a fully CGMP facility in order to package Kratom and other botanicals in a facility with standards that are currently higher than most vendors in the kratom and botanicals industry currently use. 3)Sometime this year, once we get our facility finished, we will be migrating to a new website, that will be linked to from this site and we will email all customers who have ever made a purchase with us to inform them of this transition.

Our most current estimate on when Lab Testing will be done for our restock is the Week of April 20th. We have all our varieties being tested at 2 separate labs, 1 lab is notorious for missing deadlines, so those varieties may take longer to be in stock and this is probably the last time we use them.