Hi my name is Andrew.

I built herbaldom.com after the previous herbal vendor I worked for shut down. I saw things going wrong in the herbal industry that shouldn’t have and thought I could do it better. I am in IT by trade and had a vision for an herbal vendor that could provide as much transparency and knowledge to buyers as possible without that deep seated focus on growth and money. To provide a simple product, transparently, while providing buyers with value.

At herbaldom.com, we will provide great customer support, products, and value without any bullshit marketing hype.

Take a look around the website, you will never see bullshit hype words like premium or super. herbaldom is transparent and I will work hard to get you what you want in a timely fashion.

Products will always contain, at a minimum, the quantity of product ordered. The product that you ordered, will always be properly labeled. No product will ever be mislabeled. If an order was messed up, something that will not happen often, it will be made right.

You will be kept informed. All customers receive email notifications acknowledging the receipt of the order and when it has been shipped (with tracking information).

All shipments are dispatched (sent out) by the next day, occasionally it may take up to 48 hours to process a shipment, but it hasn’t happened yet. Herbaldom is not Amazon, but we do strive to meet that next day deadline. We do not settle for products not up to standard and will not settle for less than one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

Thank you for visiting herbaldom.com and I hope you choose to work with us.

Best Regards,
Owner at Herbaldom.com