We take lab testing and quality pretty seriously. We test and sample all the botanicals, for identity, heavy metals, microbiologicals, quality, & Alkaloids. We’ve spent more on testing than most of our competitors. Back when Kratom was all over the news and the FDA was sending out press releases that Kratom Brand X was contaminated with Salmonella, we spent thousand dollars in a single month on lab testing alone. We haven’t just started testing either, we’ve been testing for years. We’ve taken tons of kratom powder off the market, so it couldn’t be resold by unscrupulous vendors instead of sending it back or on to another vendor who doesn’t test. We test multiple samples of every single batch.

After each batch passes lab testing, we send it out to a group of customers to “test” the product and provide us with feedback on the product. Any product that 2 or more people have a dislike for, we do not carry. If 2 or more people call a product weak, we discount it on the site. By the time you receive your product, it has been tested multiple times in the lab and in the world.

AHPA guidance on maximum quantitative limits for orally consumed herbal supplements

For purposes of this guidance the following definition applies:

  • “Herbal supplement” means a dietary supplement, as described in 21 U.S.C. 321 (ff), that contains one or more herbal ingredients (i.e., an herb or other botanical, or a concentrate, extract, or combination of an herb or other botanical). An herbal supplement may or may not contain additional non-herbal dietary ingredients (e.g., vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc.) or excipients.

2021 Raw Batches

White Horn[WP14121]

Green Bali[GB25412]

Yellow Bali[YP1412]

Red Bali[RB25412]