Our Quality Assurance process entails two main grading factors.

  1. The supplier’s history
  2. Approval of the batch quality by existing customers through our QCS program

The Process

  1. Before we even receive products for our website, we look into the history of the supplier we are working with. We check for negative feedback about them and ask for them to provide references so that we may inquire with other wholesale buyers as to the quality of their product and if they have had any problems
  2. Samples are then sent out to select customers who are participating in our Quality Control Scoring program and provide us feedback on whether the batch is up to standards in their subjective opinion.

Our quality assurance program and quality control scoring system are not perfect, but they allow us to weed out products that our existing customer base feels are inferior. This allows us to maintain a stock of products that our customers value.

The Quality Control Scoring system is the main way which we test new products we receive. After we receive a product and it is visually inspected, it is then sent out to groups of customers who give us their feedback on a numerical scale. The feedback can be based on any number of things; freshness, particle size, smell, moisture content, etc. But, in the end the evaluator chooses what factors they base their Quality Score

This feedback is extremely subjective, but aggregated, this data allows us to paint a picture of whether our customer base will like the product or not. Products that are given low scores are discarded or discounted on the Herbaldom.com website, and products that pass are made available on the website.