10/24/2018 Stock Update -Reopening Status

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We have a few hundred KG of unpacked Speciosa in our posession, but under quarantine, that is being sent off for lab testing this week. However, we will not be able to open until we get a handle on our new machinery and begin working according to the standard operating prcedures we have outlined for ourselves, while implementing batch control protocols and master manufacturing records. Furthermore, we cannot operate until we at least have a method to collect payment besides mailing in a money order and crypto (echeck/ACH processing or credit card processing) and we are awaiting approvals on those as well as new labeling. Please do not expect us to have stock until the end of the first week of November at the earliest. We are excited to get back and begin sales as normal (Really you have no idea how excited we are, the last few months have been very difficult for Andrew and everyone here).