In Production

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We have just under 600KG of lab tested kratom powder ready for production that has passed lab testing. We have begun production and are tuning our equipment to allow us to more efficiently process product. We are not listing any product on the site unless it is in stock and ready to ship. Production will be done in batches for ease of record keeping and maintenance. I can’t give any ETA on when product will be available. I thought we would have had product ready for purchase by the weekend or Monday at the latest, but we do not have enough produced for that at the moment.



The first step in our production process after product has cleared quarantine is running it through a metal detector, which can detect larger concentrations of metal that may be included with the powder, if any. Standards aren’t the highest in Indonesia,the source country for kratom, so this is a necessary step.

The second step is to run the powder through a sieving machine, which will take out larger hunks of debris, if any, the most common being large hunks of leaf matter, if any, and will run the powder through an extremely powerful magnet that will pick up small metal contaminants if there are any.

The last step of the production process is bringing the powder to the filling machines where they will dispense the proper amount of powder in each bag which is then heat sealed.

Our goal is to refine and hone our process and eventually include other value adding processes to our production process, like blending and sterilization. All we want to do is provide value to our customers and make a profit, in addition to the belief in the products we sell. We do not believe vendors that process kratom in their kitchen or garage do this and if making profits was our only goal, we would be doing that as opposed to packaging in an ISO certified cleanroom. We believe the steps we have made will contribute positively to the whole community.