Last Update Before We Open

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It’s been a long road and everything has not always worked correctly. We have enough stock to stay in stock on our first day and should be able to replenish our stock to maintain our previous levels of sales, which inevitably, will likely be lower when we open as it has been so long. Our labeling of products, unfortunately, remains virtually the same, black and white, except now come with a QR code and no barcode. We have a fancy brand new label printer and nice labels designed, but unfortunately putting pen to paper on them would bring us back and delay us opening, so we have quickly updated our old labels and will use them for now. On the payment processing front, our applications will likely be approved according to our reps, it is just a waiting game, so until they do, our payment options will be sparse and unorthodox. If you are a customer reading this, thank you for your continued support and we will be opening soon, without an announcement with sample sizes and as we gradually update the site and get everything going, we will send out our 3rd or 4th email newsletter ever letting allĀ  subscribers and previous customers know, we are open again! Pictures of our cleanroom and a possible Youtube video, will be forth coming this week. Thank you!