Purging Old Blog/News Posts for a New Begining

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In the spirit of our new and modern operating faciliy and capacity, we’ve wiped the slate clean and purged most all of our old blog/news posts going back to late 2015. We have used this blog mostly for notifications to our customers of closures, stock statuses, and issues we have faced as a small growing business these past almost 3 years and are wiping the slate clean in this section so to speak and will shortly be able to show all of our loyal customers how we have developed as a business and put everything back into this business to better serve you. While other vendors may be buying Lamborghinis or Beamers, we’ve put everything back into the business, to the point that we again remember what it feels like to worry about our ability to pay bills. We’re almost there and ready to introduce our modern cleanroom and manufacturing process designed to ensure a clean product and go beyond what others in the industry are doing by having SOPs available and becoming properly trained in GMP manufacturing requirements, guidelines and procedures. We are/will be one of the closest vendors in the country provding affordable products, who packages everything in house in full GMP compliance inside of a certified cleanroom and actually providing value to customers, not just throwing powder in a bag and reselling. Will be updating the site in the next few days and adding new payment methods and a new credit card processor if we get approved as we are in desperate need of an update.