Update: Cleanroom Under Maintainence

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Cleanroom down this month for filter and duct replacement. We need to replace our HEPA Fan filters and put prefilters on the vents to prevent powder from entering the ducting and will also be replacing the ducting. We already have them on our Hepa filters, which are remarkably clean looking. Our backup (second) cleanroom is not yet installed in the office, but will be installed this month so we won’t have production stoppages in the future. We will still be selling vacuum packaged kilos and various assorted sizes we have left in stock. We are right where we want to be though and 2020 is our year. Once we have a cleanroom ready again, we will begin production in earnest and bring back lots of out of stock products and introduce some new ones we’ve been sampling from Malaysia & Thailand (Not Indonesian kratom sold as Thai or Malay). Big changes coming! Loyalty program for our customers in addition to the lower prices and we will be adding split kilos.