We are Open!

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Our selection of stock has been low recently due to a supplier and a lab screwing us. We have many kilos at the office, but do not yet have our lab results for the samples. Unbelievably ABC labs claimed our samples were stolen from their drop-off box prier to testing, we patiently waited for these results and 3 weeks later finally emailed asking for them, we got an apology and an explanation that their drop off mailbox had been broken into the Saturday the samples had been delivered. We have Green, Red, White, & Yellow kilos that have been delivered and are ready to be released pending labs.

The lab claimed they would rush the sample testing, which should have given us results Tuesday or Wednesday, but today is Friday and we have not heard from them and are awaiting a reply to our inquiry of what is going on. We have used them for years, but we may be switching to a new lab like Anresco after this experience.

In other news our move to Sacramento is being put in jeopardy, by the crazy housing market. We can find commercial warehouses to rent, but we can’t find any homes to buy because the market is crazy. We have not yet changed out plans and are still moving forward and have already begun working in a partnership to bring ore and newer products to our customers. We are still moving forward with plans to offer Kratom capsules, new extracts, Hemp, and AKA GMP certified kratom for sale on this site. It is a slow process, but we move forward nonetheless. It will happen, just will take longer than we estimated.